Welcome to EvalFest!

EvalFest is a NSF-funded community of practice designed to meet the evaluation-related needs of the growing science festival sector in the United States. As a community of practitioners, evaluation professionals and researchers, EvalFest will develop, test and share evaluation approaches that will help science festivals understand and explain their impact on the general public, K-12 students, science professionals and communities. EvalFest is also a research project designed to assess how a community of practice focused on evaluation might lead to better capacity for conducting evaluations, evaluation use and science festival outcomes.

Who are the EvalFest Partners?

The 25 partner festivals of EvalFest are an eclectic bunch! We are located across the country, serve small to large regions, and are housed at a variety of institutions. Some of us have just hosted our first festival and others have been going for years now.

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What Outcomes do Science Festivals Achieve?

Science Festivals excel at making public interaction with STEM fun, which is great to know since all Science Festivals strive for a celebratory tone and feel. Festivals also achieve STEM learning and inspire attendees to learn even more.

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Do Festival Interactions with Science Professionals Matter?

Yes, they do! This is one of the most consistent results that we found to date across the Festival community. Goodman Research Group reported this trend for the first time in 2011 as part of the evaluation of the Science Festival Alliance.

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